Self-Description Inventory

The Self-Description section of the AFOQT is not a test that is graded. This is a set of questions that is used to determine a candidate’s personality traits. This subtest is the longest, with 220 questions that must be completed within 40 minutes. The official directions read:

DIRECTIONS: This inventory records your personal style and attitudes. There are no right or wrong answers – the goal is to record your first impressions and identify Air Force jobs where people who respond like you find the work satisfying. The inventory consists of a list of statements. Read each statement and, based on your first impression, record how well each one describes you.

Look at the sample statement below:

S1. I enjoy reading poetry.

Indicate your agreement with the statement using the scale below.

Strongly Disagree Moderately Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Moderately Agree Strongly Agree

If you strongly agree that the statement describes you, select response E on the scale. If you strongly disagree, select response A on the scale. You would select B, C, or D to indicate other levels of agreement. You should work quickly and reply to all statements. Give your first impression about how well each statement describes you. Don’t spend a long time deciding what your answer should be. Answer all statements, even if you’re not sure of your answer.

Our team has generated some additional sample questions that are likely similar to those you might find in the Self-Description Inventory Section of the test.  As above, you would rate these on an “A” through “E” scale with “A” being “Strongly Disagree” and “E” being “Strongly Agree” while “B,” “C,” and “D” would indicate other levels of agreement.

  1. I always try to finish what I start.
  2. I generally get along well with most people.
  3. I get nervous if I have to speak in public.
  4. People often get upset with me for not showing up on time.
  5. I like to listen to many different kinds of music.
  6. I usually let my work goals take priority over my personal interests.
  7. I am not comfortable supervising others.
  8. I am pleased when my friends drop in to see me.
  9. I don’t like to be involved in group activities.
  10. I have higher work standards than most people.
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