About Us

AFOQT Practice Test is intently focused on supporting the next generation of United States Air Force Officers through providing accurate AFOQT practice tests and information free of charge.

Founded in 2018 by a former Military Officer and a band of Internet Geniuses®, AFOQT Practice Test seeks to provide the best, most complete, most accurate, Air Force Officer qualification testing experience to potential candidates.  We strive for perfection to assist you to achieve your full potential.

Our tests are custom-written and verified by no fewer than four experienced test-masters.  We typically have question pools at least double the required minimum to provide constant variation in questions and test difficulty.  If a potential candidate can do well on our test battery, that candidate will excel on other online tests.

AFOQT Practice Test is provided by PB International, a global testing, qualification, and evaluation company.  We can be reached through the contact form on this site or through our main website at https://pbint.net/.