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Which of the following in the passage could be assumed?

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Which of these statements is not true:


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From the passage, we can infer that the App Store:

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Passage 5:  Amelia Earhart

In the modern era, one of the most intriguing mysteries has been the disappearance of airplanes in flight. Of these tragic instances, the most well-known and documented was the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. In 1937, on the second last stage of her historic flight around the world, she had radioed her position as she and her navigator searched desperately for their destination, a tiny island in the Pacific named Howland Island. Unfortunately, the plane never landed on this island. Many questions arose after this disappearance. Did the plane crash and sink after running out of fuel? Did Earhart have enough fuel to set down on some other island on her radioed course? Or did she end up somewhere else entirely?

There are many theories as to her disappearance. Decades after she vanished, many are continuing to search for her remains and research new possibilities as she was the best-known American woman pilot in the world. Over history, there are two main theories that have developed about Amelia Earhart’s fate. There were reports of distress calls from the Phoenix Islands made on Earhart’s radio frequency for days after she vanished. Theorist say the plane could have broadcast only if it were on land, not in the water. However, many have dismissed these claims of the radio frequencies. Prominent Earhart researcher, Elgen Long, claims that Earhart’s airplane ran out of gas within fifty-two miles of the island and is sitting somewhere in a 6,000-square-mile area, at a depth of 17,000 feet. Regardless, to this day, the mystery of this famous American pilot has not been solved.

The passage implies:


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One of the main themes of the passage is that:

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The color of the sky on Mars is...


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Select the least effective action to the situation:

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If the figure shown is held in front of a mirror and then that mirror is turned upside down, what image will be reflected?


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